Spare parts and maintenance service

HDMECH use international authoritative quality system, safety system certification, strictly based on ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification program, allows customers to achieve greater quality and safety protection guarantee.

l   professional service

l  regular visiting, ready to listen to the clients’ feedback at the first time

l   response quickly: response in one hour, reach the machine site and clear the fault at 24hours

l   provide the complete and systematic training plan

Service telephone:+86 13905323900,18753239882

 Installation service at site

1 In order to make the equipment installation, commissioning smoothly, the seller shall send skilled, healthy and experienced personnel to the job site for technology services
2 Seller shall appoint a general representative and technical personnel to the scene, responsible for buyer's site representative work together to resolve technical issues related to facilities.
3 General representative on site consultations according to the contract on both sides to determine the specific work plans and schedules, and put into practice, consultations and inspections on a regular basis, and make records. Any changes to the work plan requires both general representative on site consultation
4 Equipment installation, testing, commissioning, performance testing, vendor onsite technician should be able to solve technical problems, and answer questions from buyers in contract within the scope of technical problems.

After service

1 Within the warranty period ends. Equipment quality problems resolved by the sellers to the site
2 After the warranty period, equipment failure or accident, the buyer may consider necessary may request the seller to technical guidance and assistance to repair and pay reasonable labor
3 Both in warranty and after warranty period is expired, we respond within 1 hour after receiving the buyer's fault, 12 hour response time troubleshooting
4 Staff training: training includes theoretical training and field training.  (Provides a complete, systematic training plan) training facilities from which content should contain the composition, principles, structure, features, troubleshooting, maintenance considerations, and methods of operation. Training including: technicians, operators and maintenance personnel.
5 Spare parts supply: within the warranty period, our company will be enough spare parts to ensure timely supply of spare parts. Beyond the warranty period, our company will provide spare parts at cost to users for a long time
Above is our company in accordance with articles ISO9001:20 00 quality certification management services system, for my company's products and services to your company's commitment to

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