Radial-Axial Ring Rolling Machines line

For decades now HDMECH has been one of the market leaders for heavy-duty robots and transport manipulators for closed-die forges and ring rolling mills. A great number of challenging reference units worldwide underlines this prominent position. The experts of HDMECH gladly advise all users regarding choice of machine type and size.

1 Heavy-Load Robots (Railbound)

2 Heavy-Load Robots (Stationary)
3 Transport-Manipulator (Mobile)
4 Transport Manipulator (Railbound)
5 Ring Expanders


The flexible solution

Mobile transport manipulators are suitable for the precise handling of small to very large or heavy ingots, rings and disks while forging. Also they can be used for transporting the work pieces between furnaces and forming units. In most cases the machines are equipped with a diesel drive, but alternatively they can also be supplied with electrohydraulic drive systems. Due to the very compact design, transport manipulators made by HDMECH may be used even in confined areas.

The integrated solution

Railbound transport manipulators can be solely controlled by the press or ring mill operator, but they can also be equipped with an operator‘s cabin on the machine. The manipulator’s control system is responsible for the integration with the other units of the plant thus providing short transportation times combined with utmost handling precision.

The automatic solution

This is the ‘Art of Integration’: Once set, process- and manufacturing sequences can proceed fully automatically considering individually programmed safety features and locking devices as well as an adequate infrastructure.