Innovation results
Patent technology
Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, invention patent technology more than 30 projects, the patent for utility model more than 50 projects!
R&D project
  • 2008

    Participate in the formulation of industry standards 1, with enterprise standards 3

    60t CNC heavy duty forging manipulator technology was included in the 2010 National Torch Program

  • 2009

    700kg CNC heavy duty die forging robot

    1000kg all hydraulic heavy duty robot project included in the national expansion of domestic demand key funding projects

  • 2010

    The project of 260t forging machine has been awarded the key technical project of Qingdao

  • 2011

    Basic technology research and development of CNC precision forging

    CNC precision forging technology research and development, has been included in the key technology projects in Qingdao

  • 2012

    600TM full hydraulic operating machine

    10MN cylinder dynamic pressure unit

  • 2013

    16MN double column cylinder dynamic type quick forging machine set

    200 tons CNC heavy duty forging manipulator

  • 2014

    18MN radial forging press, radial forging manipulator" was identified as the 2014 Qingdao enterprise technology innovation key projects

  • 2015

    Intelligent unmanned operation high precision forging equipment (800KN) was named the 2015 annual Shandong province first sets of technical equipment

  • 2016

    10MN radial forging machine 400/315 radial axial numerical control grinding ring machine

Cooperation Institutes

HDMECH has maintained long term strategic relationship with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Yanshan University, Ocean University of China, Ji'nan JFMMRI, Chinese Heavy Machinery Research Institute, Maanshan Institute and other universities and research institutes, and to improve the technological innovation capability through the exchange and cooperation with universities and research institutes.