Aucma wisdom cold chain system

 Industry status: following the application of Internet of things in the industrial manufacturing and  in intelligent city and other aspects of the implementation, the appliance manufacturing giants will build their own wisdom internet of things plants. In 2016, Large domestic freezer manufacturer Aucma group initiated the new wisdom cold chain strategies, and built aucma wisdom cold chain system. HDMECH, with its advanced intelligent technologies, became the only designated freezer Aucma intelligent line partner.


Market prospect: with the increasingly sophisticated Internet technologies, transformation and upgrading of traditional industry companies will become a trend; the renovation of Internet of thins will become the next topic, and the market scale is huge.

HDMECH Competitiveness:

1 The independent property rights and software copyright

2 has a mature Internet of things technology, is currently involved in the implementation of aucma wisdom factory construction project.

3 Achieving remote monitoring and debugging platform of domestic home appliance equipment, and high precision Intelligent advanced forging equipment

Spare parts and maintenance service
Take the customer as the center, to meet customer demand as the foundation, to exceed customer expectations as the goal, for every customer "tailor-made".