Enterprise Culture
Building a global, inclusive, diversity-oriented corporate culture!

HDMECH   formed the "Trinity" of entrepreneurship, innovation, create culture and  promote the sustainable development of enterprises, in more than ten  years of cultural integration practice, puting the enterprise's competitive  advantage, the advantages of the party group, talent innovation  advantages together, hdmech will strive to build a global, inclusive corporate  culture, the wisdom of all staff together to achieve the enterprise's  "globalization!

company mission

Provide full service to customers,  help customers succeed

Promote industry progress

Achievement employee dream

Create wealth for society

hdmech vision

Become a global brand and industry technology leader of forging equipment and complete set of household  appliances.

core values

Passion: always full of sense of urgency, full of passion, and constantly create value

Integrity: act correctly, win trust and respect each other

Major: to promote the modernization and informationization of business management, absorbing the global industry leading technology and combined with independent innovation

Continuous innovation: research and development of new products, improve marketing, business model, and build a creative enterprise culture  

Focus on the results: very good customer experience, standard  business process, to achieve outstanding performance of the financial results