Innovation system
  • Intelligent production line research and development center

    HDMECH established technology center at 2008, included press center, operation center, electrical machine center, hydraulic center four departments, they are mainly responsible for research and design work of the forging operation, fast forging hydraulic machine, forging robot and equipment reclaimer machine etc. Now HDMECH has technical staffs more than 60s, all are bachelor degree or above, take up 37% of total employees with middle and senior engineers 28s. Each year, HDMECH investing in R & D expenditures accounts for more than 8% of the total sales revenue.


    HDMECH continues to perfect the management mechanism, strengthen science and technology innovation ability and improve core competitiveness , scientific research has won many national awards.



  • Industrial robot research and development center

    Comprehensive laboratory


    HDMECH invested 5 million Yuan to establish a comprehensive laboratory, setting up electrical, hydraulic and mechanical analysis and other specialized laboratories. With testing, calibration equipment for more than more than 30 sets, electrical, hydraulic laboratory is mainly used for fluid power distribution, transmission and control study, and to improve the quality of transmission dynamics and control the process of movement. Theoretical study on formation characteristics of systems, for high-tech intelligent design theory, finite element analysis, processing, production, mechanization and Automation control, and hydraulic transmission and fault diagnosis field set up a good development platform.

R&D team

HDMECH has more than 170 employees, including 60 technical engineers, 1Dr, 4 master, management staff is undergraduate or higher.

HDMECH focus on personnel training and annually select outstanding employees to R & D team from the 211University .

HDMECH pay attention to employee self-improvement and send excellent technical people to universities for graduate